The operators at Angel Answering Service are just that…angels. They work tirelessly to make sure our clients can reach us 24/7. They don’t give up until they reach one of us, and we really appreciate that reliability. They are also friendly, professional and very responsive to our needs. We couldn’t do our jobs without them!




For the past 20 years my company, has been using Angel Answering Service for our after hours’ calls.

We have found that they are very Courteous and Friendly to our Customers. The Angels, as we like to call them, Respond to our Clients’ Calls, Quickly and Dispatch their inquires to my Technicians in a very Professional Manner.

After using another answering service for 5 years, my Technicians and Myself have finally found a Company that not only cares about our Customers’, but also has a Great Repore with our Techs, which they truly Admire.

The only problem I have found with Angel Answering Service was that we did not know about them 25 years ago!

I can honestly tell you that they are the Best Answering Service that we have been Affiliated with and would Highly Recommend them to anyone that needs their Service.

Yours Truly,




We can’t say enough about the absolutely fantastic answering service our “angels” at Angel Answering Service provide our company when we are on the other line or in meetings. From their distinct cheerfulness, professionalism and consistent accuracy in never making an error on spelling a name or a phone number, they are quite simply our “superb angels”. In fact, we don’t know what we’d do without them — our business is in the best hands having our “angels” looking after us. Thanks “Angels” for all that you continue to do for us!!

Have a super day 🙂



Work Alone – Check in

Attn: Angel Services Management

I want to thank Angel Services for their high standards of customer service and reliable support for my staff and me.

Angel Services’ staff does such an amazing job. Our team members have commented that the call-in safety net has helped them to feel much more secure when visiting potentially risky homes. I use the service when I’m working at the office alone in the early morning. What a difference it makes to have that extra security!

Angel Services’ staff does an excellent job and provides professional services. It’s obvious that they care about their clients. This service is well worth it to ensure the safety and well being of our whole team.




Energy Corp.

We have worked with Angel Answering Service since December of 2010; they have provided support for our Major customers on a 365 – 24/7 bases for sites across Canada and also the U.S.A.

Our Experience with Angel has always been a positive one; both the Operators and Administrative staff have worked with us to customize our account to achieve superior service to our customer. I have had many comments on the operators friendly yet professional attitude.

We intent to continue our relationship with Angel and would gladly recommend them as a support partner.