Angel Answering Service provides…

… the ability to listen to your calls!


Angel Check In

View all messages at your own convenience


Digital Voice Logging & Monitoring Capability

Our system has the capability to record all telephone interactions between our agent and an inbound caller.  Stored as .WAV files, these calls can be accessed in our office with a database lookup and played on any sound-equipped computer.  The call can be reviewed, attached to an email and forwarded.

Voice logging can ensure calls are handled in the manner expected and our monitoring capability can provide the legal proof that a conversation, transaction or report actually occurred.


Disaster Recovery

When the lights go out, we continue to answer your calls!  We have back up power supplies, and generators to support our infrastructure and protect your business.


To request information on how our technology can benefity your business: call 604-945-2900 or email  Be sure to include your company name, contact name and phone number.